Digital Creator Mehul Has imprinted his life with his own labored effort and creative vision!

YouTuber Mehul has made a great name for himself among the Indian digital creators. His hard work, dedication and persistence despite so many roadblocks are the reasons he could make a mark and emerge as a successful digital creator.

There was a time when Mehul used to live in a 1 room apartment along with his family. He had to quit his studies because of the family’s poor financial situation. But those who want to do big and have the courage to follow the path are always helped by the universe. While working along with his father at his cloth shop, Mehul stumbled upon a video through which he learnt that he can generate good income by making YouTube videos.

This was enough to give him a boost. The incident set the stage for Mehul’s career and he became a digital creator. Even as a beginner, Mehul faced some great challenges as his channels got suspended. When he didn’t have a well-functioning phone to edit videos, he borrowed his friend and family’s smartphones to do so.

In 2016, he uploaded his first video on his music lyrics channel named MLyrics. The channel became successful but he was struggling with copyright claims which didn’t let him earn money. Mehul decided to solve the problem by personally requesting the music owners to remove copyright claims. It worked and soon the channel started giving revenue as well.

Mehul bought his own smartphone and his success started going from strength to strength. There was a time when he used to make $1000 per month through YouTube while also working with his father at his cloth shop. But more challenges were waiting for him. YouTube again suspended Mehul’s channel. It definitely gave him a setback but he remained unstoppable. In fact, he started two more channels along with his brother.

This is when Mehul got a tempting offer of $20,000 for selling his channels. He took it up and started new channels to grow and sell. During the same period, he discovered that music companies help monetise channels and then keep 30-40% percent of their revenue in exchange. With a new grasp on the industry, Mehul decided to do the same. He contacted the owners of other small lyric channels and became their agent. He started taking a 10% cut from the small lyric channels in exchange for connecting them with his music industry contact—a deal that benefitted both sides.

Since then he has been touching new heights in the business and has earned a great lifestyle for himself and his family. Of course, he has faced some troubles in this period too but just like before Mehul has remained unstoppable.

Right now, Mehul is the owner of the record label “Gseven Records” which is running successfully. His portfolio comprises of more than 50 YouTube channels, cryptocurrencies, stocks, real estate, and a record label worth more than a million dollars. He instructs around 300 students on how to earn money by being a YouTube curator. He has also earned 8 YouTube play buttons and uses his income from his business to help many people in his community who are in need. Mehul has enough capital coming in that he has bought several properties for his family.