Meet Ally Royals, A Famous Influencer from Mauritius doing wonders in his field

With the endless opportunities the world of social media and influencers has created, individuals alike were bound to find unique ways to translate this tremendous tool into a means by which to grow their brands. Social Media Influencer Ally Royals has already taken it upon himself to inspire and help people to promote their social media content and encourage them not to give up on making content and growing their social media accounts.

Always on the leading edge and cusp of new trends and inventions, the young entrepreneur has become a true pacesetter and a familiar name in the world of social media. Ally Royals has found that many individuals lack the experience to connect with people on social media and there are so many benefits that come with social media when it comes to everyday life, especially during this pandemic. All they need to do is to create meaningful, impactful, and long-lasting brands that can help them in creating an audience in this competitive market.

Youths have taken on the internet with their entrepreneurial talents and influencing personalities. Recent years have interpreted the rise of several content creators across the various social platforms. The social platforms we are talking about are the gigantic platforms like Instagram. Many influencers have emerged on this platform. Instagram has provided the base for young enthusiastic minds to create authentic contents and share globally through their feeds. Not all the influencers can connect to such large audiences at a young age as Ally Royals has done. Yes, we are talking about the shining star, Ally Boolaky in Mauritius.

Ally Boolaky hails from Mauritius. He is better known as Ally Royals. His Instagram page goes by this name. Since childhood, he has been fascinated by royalty. This can also be seen in his Instagram feed where royalty of the youth is depicted through his classy photographs. While on a vacation trip to Germany in the year 2016, he got the chance to visit royal places which fascinated him a lot and eventually created his Instagram account named @ally_royals. He has about 113K following on Instagram at a short span of time. He is mainly followed for his ‘lives’ on Instagram.

With the second lockdown of the pandemic, he launched his own live show. This live included asking questions to guests basically to know them better. The first guests were participants of the first season of a reality TV show. He also hosted politicians during this same lockdown. He stated that he has chosen the guests as requested by his followers. Nothing he does. The questions are even put by his followers. Only he conducts the live. The great quality of an influencer is one who tries to listen and go by the requests of his fans and people.

He marked the onset of his entrepreneurial journey making short videos on the YouTube and short films. He then moved to establish certain small businesses till today. A clothing brand is under his name, ‘Royals Clothing’. It has its page by the name @royals__clothing on Instagram. He has also a marketing agency incorporated within his businesses.
Ally is not just an influencer in social media but is a brand ambassador for several local and international brands. On December 19, 2020, Ally alongside his other colleagues Catherine Capdor, Bobby Ramasawmy & Ashley Rambhojun organized the first edition of Influencer Award Mauritius (IAMU). The second edition was held in October of 2021. This ceremony use to reward influencers, bloggers, vloggers and digital content creators who have shown their skills in creativity. They just launched the third edition July 2023.

He took a pause in his studies as he got influenced by network of social media and had a desire for business. but eventually will graduate from university sooner or later. To enter into the business sector, he started from the scratch by first launching hoodies and acquired 300 orders. He was able to launch his at a small scale with this money he earned. Later he entered in conducting his lives with famous artists as well as well-known politicians in Mauritius.

For a youth to enter into business and become successful as an entrepreneur, he must strategic and focused as Ally. He was only 18 when he was able to gather thousands of fans on his daily ‘lives’. Life is not always a bed of roses for every youth sometime he does get hate for what he did and many people don’t appreciate him but Ally never lost hope and always believe in what he’s doing. Ally changed it in his teens to the royalty class. This guy is going to shine even further and also influence his fellow teens through his success stories.