The Way Forward for Online Fit Pros Is Paved by Sean Garner

Few industries have escaped the online revolution in an era when time is becoming our most precious resource. We can all agree that society relies on us as a “now” generation, and if something cannot be accessed immediately on our personal devices, we lose interest and move on to something that can. Even the most conventional industries have had to adapt and reevaluate their business practices as a result of the sudden challenges posed by the 2020 COVID experience.

With regards to the universe of wellness, Sean Accumulate of EntreFit Training has sorted out the key to Internet Instructing achievement and is presently assisting other wellness industry experts with changing their business. Sean has been working in the fitness industry for more than 11 years, during which time he has developed gyms and now focuses on digital product creation. He has owned multiple fitness centers, developed an in-person six-figure personal training business, and served as general manager for a luxury, multimillion-dollar-per-year fitness concept in Miami, Florida, which grew rapidly under his direction.

Sean saw an opportunity in the digital fitness industry as his career progressed. He has since developed a number of successful digital products, such as online training programs, DVDs, and streaming workouts. His videos, podcasts, and online platforms have reached hundreds of thousands of people, which led Men’s Health Magazine to name him one of the Top Trainers in the World.

Through his EntreFit Coaching business, Sean now mentors, coaches, and develops fitness professionals looking to add streams of revenue in the digital fitness space while also avoiding trainer burnout and creating a life of freedom. He refers to himself as a Fitness Business Coach. Sean travels the world speaking to industry professionals about digital fitness coaching and how they can take their lives and coaching impact to the next level. He is passionate about teaching and inspiring fitness leaders.

As he was able to move from operating gym facilities with 70-hour work weeks to being able to create multiple six-figure digital streams of revenue while working from home and having the freedom to spend more time with his wife and children, Sean was able to see firsthand how transforming your coaching business digitally can improve your work-life balance.

Sean has developed fitness programs that are centered on a variety of topics through his various roles in the industry, including

— How to start your own fitness business online;

• How to stand out on the internet

promoting your fitness company online;

— The procedures you require to expand and scale your business;

Managing one’s time;

● Sales;

— How to make an offer or create a product;

— Setting objectives;

— An entrepreneur’s mindset;

â— Identifying your ideal customers; and — Best practices for running a profitable fitness business online.

Therefore, if you’re a gym owner, personal trainer, or other fitness professional who works with in-person clients and wants to make money from online training,

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